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Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior

Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior debuted in arcades in 1991. This makes it an old school lover’s favorite as the nostalgia peaks! The title was incredibly successful around the world, first becoming an arcade phenomenon and later, a very successful console game played and loved by millions. 

Street Fighter II single-handedly set in motion the competitive fighting game revolution in the early 90’s, and is one of the most iconic video games of all time for that. 

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Street Fighter 2 Slot : Gameplay

Street Fighter II includes gameplay elements that most fighting games employ today – the use of several distinct characters, flimsy storylines explaining each characters motivations and a deep, competitive combat system. The arcade version of the game was so popular that a whole host of games like Primal Rage and Mortal Kombat followed in its footsteps.

SNES’s port of Street Fighter II came with a lot of hype, with Nintendo claiming that it would be a near-perfect replica of the arcade experience. Surprisingly enough, they are right. Basic gameplay elements such as combat and physics are ported intact, making this a nostalgic overjoy to play. While it may seem like the same game, there are a few changes in the SNES version.

The music is more simplified, there’s no cinematic intro and some graphical elements are toned down. But these are only visible if you are a dedicated fan of the arcade version.

World Warrior features smart character animations, colorful stages and several powerful characters and moves you can savor.

The roster features a total of 8 characters, each with their signature fighting style and abilities. There are also 4 different boss/mini-boss characters you have to overcome. In addition, there are a dozen playable locations to choose from.

Ryu as a symbol of the game.

street fighter ii: the world warrior slot

Blank as a symbol of the game.

street fighter ii: the world warrior review slot

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Review: A brilliant adaption of an iconic video game

The Street Fighter II: The World Warrior slot is a sight for sore eyes as it’s identical to the video game. Lovers of Street Fighter II video game will love the slot version as all the characters feature and take you back to the 90’s.

With many bonus features and extras, playing in demo mode is recommended to get your head around it. You have to land winning clusters which will lead to more bonus features. The biggest win potential comes in the Beat the Boss Free Spins feature as the multiplier can rise up to 10x in the final level. This can lead to huge wins of 7,142 x stake.

Undeniably, it’s a brilliant branded slot from NetEnt


If your goal is to relive this classic in its original form, you’d be much better suited saving your Wii Points for one of the later releases like Super Street Fighter 2 if you want to get the most from what this series has to offer.

This original release surely is fun, however compared to the later releases, it’s really beginning to show signs of ageing, and the 50Hz PAL version is so sluggish it’s nearly unplayable.

But if you are begging for that Street Fighter 2 feeling, there isn’t a better fighting game available on the Virtual Console to date than this legendary classic.