Hotline Free Slot

Hotline Free Slot:

Hotline Free Slot

The Hotline slot machine, as its name implies, is inspired by Miami Vice, one of the most famous and likeable series of the ’80s. So, if it was one of your favourite series at the time, then you will definitely want to check out the exciting NetEnt slot machine called Hotline.

You also play some really vintage and classic slot games and have some fun. 

If, on the other hand, you are a younger player who loves action-packed and exciting slot games, then Hotline will definitely make you … “click”! Thus, in any case, you will love it.

After all, what could be more exciting than imagining yourself in the 1980s burning tires in a super-fast red car (did your mind go to a brand?) on the Miami Beach track? Especially, when…

… we must help two undercover detectives to hunt down a jewellery thief!

return to player (RTP)


Slot Volatility : Medium

hotline slot free

Hotline Slot : RTP

All NetEnt slots, without exception, have a theoretical RTP of at least 96%.

Keep in mind that RTP is a theoretical estimate of the percentage of the game you are likely to earn in the long run.

It is based on statistics gathered for thousands of game sessions. Your result after a single session can deviate significantly from the RTP in any direction.

Also, just as you can have a lost session in a game, sometimes you can have a successful result in a game with a lower RTP.

Even when your session is not perfect, the high frequency of wins will keep you in the game reasonably low risk.

The extremely high RTP of 96.13% on the Hotline slot is not the maximum RTP that this slot offers. 96.13% RTP of the game is if you play with only one “open line” activated. You can increase RTP to 96.7% simply by activating a second “hotline” or even better, to 97.04% by activating all three “hotlines” *.

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* Terms and conditions apply | 21+

The jewelry thief as a symbol of the game.

hotline slot nigeria

One of the Detectives as a symbol of the game.

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Hotline Slot : Verdict

The Hotline slot machine may not be for everyone, but if the intrigues of the 80’s and all this atmosphere of the time entice you, then you will rationally like it and have fun!