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Roullete: Lightning Roulette : Rules

Lightning Roulette can be considered by some as an improved version of European Roulette.

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The dealer does not spin the reel himself, as it spins automatically when the game starts. Players can place their bets on individual numbers, groups of numbers or colors.

Once the bet is closed, the table of numbers will be struck by lightning and 1 to 5 “lucky numbers” will be chosen at random. If you win a bet on one of these straight numbers, Lightning Roulette will not give the usual 35:1.

Instead, a multiplier is applied to the win, which can range from 50x to 500x!

For this reason, the odds on Lightning Roulette differ from other variations of Roulette:

  • Straight up bets: between 29:1 and 499:1 (depending on the multiplier)
  • Split bets: 17:1
  • Street bets 11:1
  • Corner bets: 8:1
  • Line bets: 5:1

return to player (RTP)


Volatility : High


UI & Design

Lightning Roulette is quite different from other variants of Live Roulette.

The installation of the studio is reminiscent of TV shows such as “Wheel of Fortune” for example. Basically, what really happens is that the dealer acts more like a presenter.

There are black, red and green panels decorated with a gold frame, and the most popular numbers are starting to sway so that players can see what others are betting.

Once the wheel turns, the dealer pulls a lever that causes lightning to strike the panels, thus selecting the lucky numbers.

The transmission is very high quality, like other live games of Evolution gaming, while the interaction is friendly and very pleasant to the user!

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Lightning Roulette – Verdict

Lightning Roulette can be ideal for those who aim to win enough, given the 500x multiplier, something you can not find in any other variant of Roulette.

However, you should expect a number of spins that the multiplier will not display and you will see the lowest payouts for straight up bets without the multiplier. Then, after several rounds you will realize that all this is not so different from the standard Roulette.

However, the awesome Evolution Gaming dealers, the attractive studio and the amazing visual and sound effects you will encounter while playing Lightning Roulette are a lot of fun.