Lightning Dice

Lightning Dice: This game combines the fast entertainment of live casino shows with the long tradition of dice games!

Lightning Dice : Rules

The Lightning Dice comes to us exclusively from Evolution Gaming. Having been released after the great success of Lightning Roulette, without a doubt, it is a game that has won the hearts of players around the world, especially in Europe.

The rules of Lightning Dice are very simple, as you can learn how to play this game in a few rounds. Our fist step is to understand the setting of the game. Let’s begin!

When you open Lightning Dice you will see a dark room, decorated with gold and yellow. At the center of it is the Lightning Tower, a maze-like custom built tower. First of all, all participants in the game place their bets. In this occasion the betting interface at the bottom of the screen will be coloured in green. When it turns red all bets are closed.

Then, it’s time for the real game to start. The presenter throws the dices in the Lightning Tower, but they’re not going to fall jut yet. Because the presenter will call the power of lightning first, by activating the lever on the right side of the screen.

Now it’s time for the lightning to strike! The lightning will hit three of the possible outcomes, and their multiplier will increase exponentially, one of the numbers will hit x1000! It’s now time for the dices to fall and reveal the outcome of the game. This is the most exiting moment of the game, as you will hold your breath until the dices fall to the bottom of the tower!

The whole setting is pretty stunning and you’ll be amazed!

It’s time now to collect your wins (if you’ve been lucky of course). Then the betting round starts again, and the game is ready to begin. Be careful, Lightning Dice is a rather fast-paced game – we recommend you decide for a strategy and then set an auto bid, this way you won’t miss a round.


Possibilities & RTP

The RTP for this game is 96.21%, based on a total of 3 or 18 bets.

Three 6-sided dice are used in this game. Here, we will show you the probability of any outcome that may occur.

  • Probability of sum 3: 1/216 = 0,5%
  • Probability of sum 4: 3/216 = 1,4%
  • Probability of sum 5: 6/216 = 2,8%
  • Probability of sum 6: 10/216 = 4,6%
  • Probability of sum 7: 15/216 = 7.0%
  • Probability of sum 8: 21/216 = 9,7%
  • Probability of sum 9: 25/216 = 11,6%
  • Probability of sum 10: 27/216 = 12,5%
  • Probability of sum 11: 27/216 = 12,5%
  • Probability of sum 12: 25/216 = 11,6%
  • Probability of sum 13: 21/216 = 9,7%
  • Probability of sum 14: 15/216 = 7.0%
  • Probability of sum 15: 10/216 = 4,6%
  • Probability of sum 16: 6/216 = 2,8%
  • Probability of sum 17: 3/216 = 1,4%
  • Probability of sum 18: 1/216 = 0,5%

As you can see above, the probability of combining 3 and 18 is the lowest, only 0.5%.

Therefore, it also has a 150x payment. Not to mention if a Lightning for 1000x hits 3 or 18!

The most likely results are the midpoints: 10 and 11, followed by 9 and 13 and so on.

There is no specific strategy to play this game. The game is based on the luck factor!