Blackjack: Power Blackjack

Blackjack: Power Blackjack – The fun is here!

Split & Doubling

Split and doubling are one of the most important points that makes this Blackjack so special.

There are some aspects of this game that give the player perhaps a better chance of winning.

(Always, as is well known, luck plays the most decisive role).

So imagine a version of Blackjack, which gives players almost unlimited possibilities to split cards and double. Well, this is the game that has become known as “Power Blackjack“.

It has had his honors on both US blackjack sites and land-based casinos. Power Blackjack allows you to split into two of the worst possible hands you catch in the beginning. Any “bad” set of two cards in 15 or 16.

For example, if 9 and 6 or Jack and 5 are dealt, the two cards can be split to form two new hands.

The cost is an additional bet equal to the original bet. This is called “Power Split“.

Also, each time players receive two cards with a total of 9, 10 or 11, they are allowed to draw a replacement card, if they don’t want the one card they received.

For example, if a 4 is drawn on a total of 11, the player may choose to discard the 4 and receive a replacement card. This is called “Power Double“.

return to player (RTP)


Volatility : High


Power Blackjack : Verdict

Having finished our presentation, we have to mention the basic strategy. So, the suggested action is not to shoot if you are 19 or older, no matter what the dealer has.

The split options, however, are a bit more up to you, such as the split of a pair of 6s against the dealer’s 4 and the split of any set 16 on the dealer’s Ace.

Generally, Power Blackjack will leave you with very good impressions.